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How to be on the Best HVAC Brands List?

First, know that there’s no money involved, our ranking system is totally free and unbiased. All you need is customers to like your products… and be pro-active in encouraging your brand’s reviews.

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The best HVAC Brands are selected based on customer reviews and ratings on the business directory website.

What do you get?

  • An electronic award and image to be displayed on your website.
  • You’ll be listed on the Best HVAC Brands Website
  • Winners will be announced on our Facebook Page
  • Winners will be announced on our LinkedIn Page
  • Winners will be announced on our Google+ Page
  • Winners will be announced on Twitter
  • You’ll be one of the best rated brands on
  • You’ll get new leads coming from all these sources…
  • And a great boost of Brand Visibility, Credibility and Notoriety…
  • Ultimately resulting in Increased Sales and Profit Margins!
All that for Free! So why wait any longer?


  • Final ranks for Year 2014 will be established based on the ratings at 5 PM Eastern Time, on January 5, 2015.
  • Rank is based on rating average.
  • If multiple brands have the same rating average, the number of reviews will be used as a secondary sorting parameter.
  • A minimum of 10 reviews is required in order to be eligible for Year 2014.

Example: four HVACR Brands have a 5 Star Rating at the end of the year

  • Brand A: 5 Star, 19 Reviews
  • Brand B: 5 Star, 8 Reviews
  • Brand C: 5 Star, 28 Reviews
  • Brand D: 5 Star, 22 Reviews

The final list will be:

1. Brand C
2. Brand D
3. Brand A
… then other brands with less than 5 stars

Brand B is not on the list since it’s got less than 10 reviews.

Start Accumulating Customer Ratings Now!

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Being listed on the Best HVAC Brands Website is a great boost for any manufacturer. We also issue electronic awards and images to be displayed on your website.

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